Farewell to my Lucy Lawless

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Farewell to my Lucy Lawless

by Vince Hempsall, September 18, 2014

lucy3-wonowA week ago I sold my 1988 Ford Ranger pick-up truck to a friend because the maintenance required on her was getting beyond my limited mechanic skills. It was a hard decision though as Lucy and I had been through some amazing adventures together. I bought her 7 years ago and named her Lucy Lawless because, well, I illegally drove her back to my house without any insurance or license plates and I just got the sense that she was a really tough female truck.

Since then she’s taken me up many a logging road and on countless adventures from first biking dates with my now-fianc√© Marley¬†to gay pride parades. She’s shuttled bikes, canoes, climbing gear, spaceships and bodies (specifically mine when I slept on her).

I hope she enjoys her new life as a backroads wood hauler with her new owner, who’s a way better mechanic than I. May she always remain Lawless.


Loading up for the 5-day, 500km Raid the North Adventure Race in 2010



One of my 1st dates with Marley. Beautiful fall riding weather in the Kootenays


Full moon sleep-out in the back of Lucy before an alpine start to put up a new rock climbing route.


Hauling La Roquette to the bobsled races in Rossland.


Prepping for the Gay Pride Parade in Nelson.