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Champion Crag Rock Guide Updates

by Vince Hempsall, April 29, 2015

Champion Crag View

Champion crag is located high on the east rim of the Columbia River valley south of Castlegar. The cliff can be seen from the highway (near Genelle) as a band of dark rock surrounded by lighter coloured rock on all sides. There is also a large, left-leaning crack near the center of the cliff. Access: […]

3 Things That Will Make You Climb a Grade Harder This Year

by Vince Hempsall, April 8, 2015

climb grade harder exhale wonow media

A few years ago, while on a trip to the climbing paradise of Kalymnos, Greece, I was loaned a copy of Arno Ilgner’s The Rock Warrior’s Way. It immediately made an impression because, unlike other training manuals I had read with their “do finger pull-ups until you weep” advice, Arno’s book dealt with the mental aspect […]