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Hall Siding Rock Guide Updates

by Vince Hempsall, November 29, 2014


For further descriptions about the climbs at Hall Siding between Nelson and Salmo, British Columbia, refer to page 76 of the West Kootenay Rock Guide. Access: Hall Siding is located 20km south of Nelson towards Salmo. (Note: The WKRG erroneously stated the crag’s position in relation to Hall Siding Road – it is, in fact, 1.5km south […]

World Exclusive: Onion Creek Rock Guide Updates

by Vince Hempsall, November 21, 2014

jesse on visiting mom-wonow

Onion River is located just over the border from Rossland and boasts a number of excellent granite crack climbs. In fact, it’s one of the only nearby areas where you can practice your finger, hand and fist jams and is highly worth the trip. It was developed by Rossland resident Keith Robine and a few […]

Kootenay Kalymnos – Climbing at China Bend

by Vince Hempsall, November 17, 2014

china bend9-wonow

Keith Robine warms up on the über-classic Pork Sausage, 5.11a I’ve had the good fortune to climb at some of the world’s most famous limestone crags including Kalymnos in Greece, Potrero Chico in Mexico, Railay Peninsula in Thailand and Vinales in Cuba. And while all these locations offer epic sport cragging on tufas and stalactites, […]

The Ugliest Story Ever

by Vince Hempsall, November 10, 2014


My fiancé is a fish biologist and I have to admit there are occasions when it’s difficult for me to keep up with her day-to-day activities, which could include “ion regulation,” “Parr-Smolt transformation,” or “Leptocephali.” (I think that’s how it’s spelled.) One day, though, she started describing a local sustainability movement to save this ugly […]

Ymir Swimming Hole Rock Guide Updates

by Vince Hempsall, November 8, 2014


To reach Ymir Swimming Hole’s Southern Bluffs, continue past the Lower Bluffs on the path towards the swimming hole for about 30m. On the right take the faint trail (it’s opposite the path to the river.) There are a few small faces tucked in this area: Ymir Swimming Hole: This is the fifth in a […]

Five Easy Nutrition Tips

by Vince Hempsall, November 5, 2014


It’s amazing when you begin to research something as seemingly simple as eating. I mean, we all do it and we have done since the beginning of time so how hard can it be, right? The more I started unravelling the layers of this topic for a Mountain Trek blog post, though, the more I realized […]

New Access at Koch Creek Climbing Area

by Vince Hempsall, November 5, 2014

koch creek9-wonow

There’s something so satisfying about improving access to a climbing area – even one that hasn’t seen a lot of traffic in the past decade. Last Sunday myself and six other volunteers enjoyed some late-autumn sunshine at the Koch Creek crags in the Slocan Valley (about an hour drive from Nelson & Castlegar) and built […]

7 Crucial Healthy Eating Tips

by Vince Hempsall, November 4, 2014


I just finished a post for Mountain Trek about seven key things one should remember about food in order to maximize vitality. So many sources deal with what to eat but in this case I decided to look at WHEN to eat, which isn’t something you hear a lot of nutrition experts discussing. Having just […]